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Dermal Fillers & Midface

Dermal fillers and midface As we age it is common to see that many people develop a hollowing beneath the eyes and the development of dark circles. This is due to the fact that bone and other tissues in the area decrease with age, causing the muscles surrounding the eye […]

Brow Rehab

Brow Rehab The eye brows provide the frame for your upper face. Studies have shown that people spend significant time observing a person’s eye brow and eye region in determining age and tiredness. You may not be aware of the fact that minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedures are available to […]

Your Eyes

They say that eyes are the window to one’s soul. Your eyes are the window to the soul You want them to stand out and reflect the beautiful and radiant person you are. With aging over time, wrinkles, lines and drooping lids appear around the eye area, which can make […]