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Cosmedicentre Terms and Conditions apply to all information provided by Cosmedicentre to you in the course of its business.

General Information Only
The Information is provided solely for the purpose of disseminating general Information free of charge for the benefit of the general public. While Cosmedicentre has exercised due care in ensuring the accuracy of the Information, Cosmedicentre is not providing professional or medical advice. The Information is general in nature and is not specific to your personal circumstances. The Information is not a substitute for proper medical advice. You should consult a qualified medical professional, prior having any treatment or applying any product.

Information Quality
Cosmedicentre does not guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the Information. Cosmedicentre accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred by the use of or reliance on the Information.  The Information is provided in accordance of the TGA Regulations and/or AHPRA Guidelines. Should you consider there is a breach of these regulations and guidelines, please contact Cosmedicentre immediately so remedial action can be taken.

Cosmedicentre and Third Parties
The Information includes the views and recommendations of third parties.  Such views or recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views of Cosmedicentre and you must not construe Cosmedicentre as endorsing or encouraging you to adopt or use any particular view or recommendation. This especially applies to links to third party sites. You must make your own individual inquiry of Cosmedicentre , based on your Personal Information, prior to adopting or using any view or recommendation which may be contained in the Information.

Pricing of Services
Cosmedicentre provide various chargeable Services. Prices for these Services are subject to change at any time. For current pricing information please contact your nearest Cosmedicentre practice.

Muscle Relaxant:
One of the Services provided by Cosmedicentre is Muscle Relaxant injection treatments. The Muscle Relaxant is a treatment using prescription drugs, which must be prescribed by a Medical Practitioner.

Prior to any Muscle Relaxant treatment you must have a consultation with a Medical Practitioner to determine if you are suitable for treatment, are without harmful allergies and to create a personal plan for your treatment. Consultations through Cosmedicentre clinics last approximately 30 minutes, are free of charge, and can be rescheduled or cancelled at any time.

The Muscle Relaxant treatment is carried out in your Cosmedicentre clinic, by Medical Staff and overseen by a Medical Practitioner, who may not be present at the time of treatment.

Eyelid Enhancement Surgery:
Another Service provided by Cosmedicentre is Eyelid Enhancement Surgery. This surgery is performed by a Specialist Ophthalmologist with assistance from Medical Staff. Such surgery will be carried out in your Cosmedicentre clinic.

Please contact your nearest Cosmedicentre clinic for further details.

Some Services provided by Cosmedicentre have risks associated with their use or application. When discussing Services with you, Cosmedicentre will provide specific advice and current material to you regarding the use and/or application of such Services. It is your responsibility to fully understand this advice and the material. You must read the material carefully and any questions if there any aspect of your treatment or use of a product that you do not fully understand.

You must follow all directions from the Medical Staff regarding pre-treatment and post-treatment care to avoid risks and ensure the best outcome for your treatment.

You must sign a Consent Form prior to any treatment. By signing the Consent Form you acknowledge that you fully understand the treatment you are about to receive, the risks involved in such treatment and are prepared to accept all such risks.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights:

  • Access – You have the right to receive the appropriate Service to address your needs.
  • Safety – You have the right to receive safe and high quality Services, provided with professional care, skill and competence.
  • Respect – You have the right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration and due regard of your cultural beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
  • Communication – You have the right to be informed about Cosmedicentre Services in a clear and open way.
  • Participation – You have the right to be included in decisions and choices about which Services are recommended for you.
  • Privacy – You have the right to privacy and confidentiality of Personal Information.
  • Comment – You have the right to comment on or complain about any of the Services you have received. Cosmedicentre takes your comments and complaints seriously and undertakes to deal with your concerns properly and in a professional manner. To ensure your comment or complaint is directed to a responsible independent person please forward direct to Signa Furber via email on sfurber@cosmedicentre.com.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Full and Complete Disclosure – You must provide your Personal Information accurately without omitting anything, notwithstanding that you consider any particular matter to be immaterial or irrelevant.
  • Full Understanding – You must understand and follow all instructions and material provided by Cosmedicentre regarding your treatment and recovery.  You must ask questions if you are unsure about any aspect of your treatment or care.
  • Courtesy – You must show consideration and courtesy towards all Cosmedicentre staff.

Privacy Statement
Collection of Personal Information:  Cosmedicentre must obtain your accurate Personal Information so as provide you with the best quality care. In an emergency Cosmedicentre may need to collect additional personal and health information from other sources.

Use of Personal Information:
In some instances your Personal Information will be used for medical rebate purposes, quality assurance and clinic audit activities.

Withholding Information:
If you provide incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information or withhold relevant Personal Information Cosmedicentre will decline to provide Services.

Disclosure of Information:
Your Personal Information may be disclosed without your consent in the event of an emergency, or if obliged by law or to fulfil a medical indemnity insurance obligation.

Access to Your Record:
You can obtain access to your Personal Information provided that your request does not impinge on the confidentiality of others.

Correcting Your Records:
If you believe your Personal Information is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate then please request an amendment to your records.

Questions and Complaints:
Please feel free to discuss any concerns, questions or complaints relating to the handling of your Personal Information by sending an email to info@cosmedicentre.com

General Information
General information can be found the Cosimedicentre web-site or more particular information regarding treatments by using the following links on the Cosmedicentre website;


“Consent Form” means the standard Consent and Release form used by Cosmedicentre from time to time.
“Cosmedicentre” means Cosmedicentre Australia Pty Ltd A.C.N. 600 785 117.

“Information” means all materials and Information (whether electronic, printed or verbal) provided by or made available by Cosmedicentre whether by way of promotion, advertising, general Information or advice and includes, without limiting the generality of the forgoing: the Cosmedicentre Website (https://cosmedicentre.com), Facebook (https://facebook.com/cosmedicentre), Twitter (https://twitter.com/cosmedicentre), Google+ (https://plus.google.com/+cosmedicentre), Instagram (https://instagram.com/cosmedicentre), Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/cosmedicentre/), and Links to third party sites.

“Medical Staff” shall mean any Medical Practitioner and/ or trained Nurse engaged by Cosmedicentre from time to time.

“Muscle Relaxant” means the products know as Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle, or any other similar or replacement product.

“Personal Information” means all your private and health details and information that you have provided or made available to Cosmedicentre during the course of your association with Cosmedicentre, and includes any medical records that Cosmedicentre may have prepared or hold on your behalf regarding any treatment you may have received or any products supplied to you.

“Services or Service” means any service, treatment, advice or product provided to you by Cosmedicentre from time to time.

“You” or “you” shall mean any customer, patient or member of the public that has access to the Information.