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Do you feel your jawline is asymmetrical and lacks definition? Many people are unhappy with their jawline as they feel that the weak chin makes them look older than their actual age. Although the sagging appearance of skin is a natural sign of aging, but people feel that it gives a tired and sad expression on their face. Cosmedicentre provides you with a non-surgical treatment i.e. jawline enhancement using dermal fillers which enhances the look of your jawline giving it a more youthful appearance.


“Improves chin definition, Improved looking stronger jawline, More defined smile, Refreshed and youthful appearance”


How does Jawline Enhancement Work?

Dermal fillers are considered as the best treatment method for jawline enhancement. At Cosmedicentre, dermal fillers are injected by qualified practitioners into the area which results in sculpting, shaping and enhancing the chin to create a desired jawline. The jawline enhancement treatment using dermal fillers will help you create a strong jawline and a more defined smile. Many people experience an improved self-confidence and greater self-esteem after the treatment procedure.

Treatment Time

The dermal filler treatment procedure is painless and takes 30 minutes to one hour approximately. The results are visible to you after two-seven days of treatment and the effects will last about three to four months.

After Treatment Care

The dermal filler injections are safe to use and there are no major complications associated with this treatment procedure. There might occur temporary redness and swelling on the treated area which are short-term side effects. It is advised not to touch or rub the treated areas for about 12-14 hours and also avoid facials, facial waxing for about one week.