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“Feed your face and instantly stimulate it”

Dermastamp uses very fine needles to promote skin stimulation and skin rejuvenation. This is unlike any heat based technology as there is no skin burning and skin coagulation. The side effects are dramatically reduced and the risk, almost zero.

What is a Dermastamp treatment?
The Dermastamp is a vibrational stamping device, unlike a manual handheld roller.  Clinically proven to stimulate the skin and help reduce the appearance of scarring, the Dermastamp uses vertical penetration to create infusion channels into the skin to instantly create hydration with hyaluronic acid and infuse skin stimulating ingredients.

How is the procedure performed, and does it hurt?
The skin is cleaned and sterilized. Generally the skin will need to be numbed to ensure your comfort. Therefore the treatment is considered painless. The tip will glide over your skin creating stimulating channels and an even flushing is the best indication for a perfect medical treatment. The treatment usually takes around 1.5 hours in total.

Can it be performed on any skin colour?
Since we are not using heat, yes the Dermastamp can be used on any skin colour and skin type.

How long before I see results?
You will notice a fresher skin within 6 weeks. However your skin will continue to improve over 6-12mths.

How often can I have the Dermastamp?

  • For Collagen + Skin Rejuvenation – 4-6 treatments / 4 wks apart
  • For Scars + Acne Scar Reduction – 6+ treatment / 4 wks apart

Should you expect downtime from this treatment?
The inflammatory reaction of the skin is extremely short and fades significantly within hours from redness to pinkish that may last from 12 to 24 hours on average. In order to reduce visible redness, we recommend topical healing minerals + hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin. Zinc sun protection is also recommended.

What should you avoid afterwards? Nothing stimulating!
You must avoid AHA’s, retinol (vitamin A) or anything acidic or ‘active’ for a minimum of 2 days.

What should you use on your skin afterwards?
Only use a soothing cleanser to clean, hyaluronic acid to help hydrate as your skin will become very dry. Copper + Zinc to help heal and protect.

Can you increase results at home?
There is a homecare roller system, Dermaroller, which can be used to help stimulate the skin and help penetrate ingredients deeper into it. Use every second day or even just up to once a week to see results.

Dermastamp system treats

Tissue Regeneration

Skin Rejuventation

Collagen Induction Therapy

Scar Reduction Therapy

Fine Lines


Deep Wrinkles

Hyper – Pigmentation

Pore Size Reduction

Stretch Marks

Acne Scarring

Skin Tightening

Isolated Scarring

Hair Loss Therapy

PRP Therapy

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