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Do you have an angular looking jawline or is your jaw too wide? Many people feel that they have a square shaped more masculine like jawline and desire to have a slimmer looking V-shaped face. Cosmedicentre provides you with a jaw augmentation / slimming treatment which gives you a more feminine facial structure.


“Slimmer looking lower face, Enhanced cheek appearance”


How does the Muscle Relaxants work?

Jaw slimming using muscle relaxing injections is gaining popularity among people throughout the world. The chewing muscles “masseters” increase in size as we age, which adds bulkiness to jaw and results in a wider & square-shaped face. At Cosmedicentre, we use muscle relaxing injections which cause the masseter muscles to reduce in size. This causes slimming down of the lower part of the face and enhances the appearance of your cheeks.

Treatment Time

The jaw slimming treatment using muscle relaxants is painless and takes less than an hour to complete.

You will observe the desirable results within six weeks of the treatment procedure which will last several months. In order to get the best results, you must take two to three treatments in a year.

After Treatment Care

The anti-wrinkle injections are safe to use; there are no major complications associated with this treatment procedure. There might occur slight swelling or redness at the time of treatment.  It is advised not to touch or rub the treated areas under eyes for about 12-14 hours.