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The way of expressing the feelings of fear, happiness and surprise differs from one individual to another. Some people may scrunch their nose when they smile while others may scrunch it when they frown. These kind of repeated muscle movements give rise to the formation of bunny scrunch lines. Bunny lines are the wrinkles located on the top and on each side of the nasal bridge that form over time when we scrunch our nose.

People feel that these bunny scrunch lines make them look angry, upset and older than their actual age. Although the appearance of the wrinkles are a result of the natural aging process but people want to eliminate the prominence of these lines. Cosmedicentre provides a non-surgical treatment method which is great way to cure the bunny scrunch lines.

“Reduces the appearance lines and wrinkles, Softer and smoother skin, Refreshed and youthful appearance”


Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxing Injections

At Cosmedicentre, we use muscle relaxing injections which help in reducing the lines and wrinkles on the area. During the treatment process, a naturally purified protein is injected into the area. The anti-wrinkle injections make the injected muscles to “relax” which helps in smoothing the lines and preventing the formation of lines & wrinkles.
The muscle relaxant injections are considered as an effective solution to treat bunny scrunch lines. After the completion of the process, you will experience a softer and smoother skin. The process helps in rejuvenating the area and gives a more youthful appearance.

Treatment Time

The treatment is painless and takes 30 minutes to one hour approximately.

After Treatment Care

The muscle relaxants are safe to use and there are no complications associated with the process. It is advised that you should not touch or rub the treated area for about 12-14 hours.