Dermal Fillers & Midface

Dermal fillers and midface

As we age it is common to see that many people develop a hollowing beneath the eyes and the development of dark circles. This is due to the fact that bone and other tissues in the area decrease with age, causing the muscles surrounding the eye socket to fall with gravity exposing the lower margin of the eye socket.

In the early stages of this process, volume and support of these tissues can be re-stabilised with the skilful injection of dermal fillers in appropriate and suitable patients.  The dermal fillers provide support to the tissues of the midface as the aging process diminishes natural support. This can be thought of as putting back support as the tide goes out. Eventually there is too much descent of the midface for cosmetic injectable dermal fillers to be successful and lower lid blepharoplasty surgery is then a more suitable option in patients who are concerned about this appearance.

If you have concerns about hollowing underneath your eyes and dark circles, Cosmedicentre invites you for a complimentary consultation to discuss your individual circumstances and provide you with a personalised analysis which will enable you to make informed decisions as to what is in your own best interests.

Brow Rehab

Brow Rehab

The eye brows provide the frame for your upper face.

Studies have shown that people spend significant time observing a person’s eye brow and eye region in determining age and tiredness.

You may not be aware of the fact that minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedures are available to return your eye brows to a more normal position and enhance their appearance and the vitality of your appearance.

Cosmetic injectables
Anti-wrinkle injections as well as dermal filler injections when used appropriately in suitable clients can achieve an elevation of malpositioned eye brows by providing support which diminishes as we age. The aging process is not the same for all people and correction of eye brow imperfections must be assessed by a doctor and the appropriate antiwrinkle and dermal filler treatment prescribed for the benefit of the individual client, should they choose to undergo these treatments.

Cosmetic tattooing
Once the eye brow anatomy has been restored with cosmetic injectable treatments in suitable clients, the actual appearance of the brow can be enhanced with expert cosmetic tattooing. This aims to overcome deficiencies in the actual eye brow hairs which in many cases have been adversely affected through many years of shaping and plucking. Cosmedicentre is a cosmetic medical clinic directed by Specialist Ophthalmologist, Dr Mark Goodrich, in conjunction with Registered Nurse Signa Furber. Together, they lead a team with extensive experience in this area and all forms of cosmetic injectable treatments.

If you have concerns about your eye brows or any other aspects of your facial aging, we look forward to offering a complimentary consultation where we will assess your individual characteristics and provide a full explanation of your individual circumstances for your consideration.

The options that are available to you in this new and exciting area will be clearly explained for you to make informed choices as to what suits you best.

Your Eyes

They say that eyes are the window to one’s soul.

Your eyes are the window to the soul

You want them to stand out and reflect the beautiful and radiant person you are. With aging over time, wrinkles, lines and drooping lids appear around the eye area, which can make you look sad, aged and sometimes annoyed giving out a false impression of the radiant person you are.

Would you like your eyes to always reflect the radiant person you are?

At Cosmedicentre we provide you with Eyelid Enhancement treatments and cosmetic eye surgery which helps to improve the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids.

What is eyelid enhancement?
Eyelid surgery is the simple removal of excess skin and fat around the eyes which can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids. Our Eyelid Enhancement treatment helps in reducing puffiness under the eye, lifting sagging eyelids and softening the wrinkles and our treatment can be performed in our day surgery.

At Cosmedicentre our procedures are performed by our experienced Senior Ophthalmologist, Dr. Mark Goodrich.

Eye treatments
At Cosmedicentre, we offer a number of treatments to help make your eyes look their best.
Brow rehab.
• Anti-wrinkle injections – Crows feet and brow lift.
Dermal fillers to correct tear troughs and elevate eye brows.
Skin care to the delicate region of your eye.
• Surgical procedures such as upper and lower blepharoplasty’s.

If you want to look your best, give the team at Cosmedicentre a call on 1800 953 535.

Our clinician Signa is a registered nurse with over 17 years’ experience working in all areas of cosmetic medicine from injectables to surgical.  Signa understands the value that personal self-esteem and
confidence is to her clients, individualizing their treatment plan to accommodate their specific needs.

The Cosmedicentre team have a caring and gentle manner and are able to advise clients on realistic outcomes that ensure happiness and satisfaction, especially where your health, safety and care are paramount.