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Patient Care & Understanding

Cosmedicentre is a medical clinic with consultations and treatments conducted by Specialist Ophthalmologist Dr Mark Goodrich and Registered Nurse Signa Furber.  We practice in accordance with the medical and nursing board code of conduct. This includes working in partnership with you and involving you in all aspects of your treatment. Our primary concern is for your physical health and psychological well-being. We are a medical practice not a shop or beauty salon.

Cosmetic injectable treatments are prescription only medications and this is the reason for a medical consultation.  This consultation determines a management plan valid for 12 months unless there is a change in your health, which you must notify us about.  The consultation with Dr Goodrich will either be face to face or via video teleconference as per medical board regulation.  If you have any concerns an appointment with Dr Goodrich can be scheduled at any time.

Our clinical assessment of you at consultation is a thorough assessment. It is theoretical. You must ultimately decide what is best for you. You have options which we will explain to you, including the option to do nothing.  If you require time to consider your options, you must decline or postpone treatment.

Dr Goodrich determines your management plan, delegating the treatment to RN Furber, who is a full time cosmetic injectable registered nurse with 20-years’ experience in this field.  We will not treat you without you giving informed consent. This is the reason we go to great lengths to explain the fundamental basics of ageing, anti-ageing strategies, how treatments work and their risks as well as assessing and confirming that your understanding is sufficient for us to be satisfied that you are informed.  Being informed is a process, therefore, we ask permission to send you information relating to areas you are interested in or concerned about.  Cosmetic medical science is constantly advancing our understanding and corresponding treatment options. This gives you time to consider new information.

Cosmetic injectable treatments are licensed by the Therapeutics Goods Administration. This means that they are proven safe and effective by stringent scientific research as opposed to claims made by beauty cream companies and the like. There are several different dermal filler and anti-wrinkle products on the market. We will discuss the products we offer at face-to-face consultation. All of the products we use in treatment are registered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Every patient is a little different and different people may respond slightly to these products.  Accordingly, we take a conservative approach to treating new patients. We would rather slightly under treat and top up at about 2-weeks than the opposite. We need to get to know you and how you respond to treatment hence recommending a follow up consult at about 2 weeks. This is the advantage of continuity of care with the one clinic, rather than ‘clinic shopping’. Although, it is certainly your right to obtain second opinions and change clinics.  Cosmetic injectable treatments are not a cure for low self-esteem. If you have issues in this area, please consult your GP. That said, these treatments can assist in overcoming small appearance issues that are of concern, so long as the self-esteem limitations are understood and dealt with appropriately. You can raise any concerns with us regarding your feelings at any time.

To maintain effective anti-ageing or cosmetic enhancement injectable treatments, approach to general health is very important. Care with sun exposure, no smoking, a healthy diet, adequate water intake and exercise all are complementary to treatments at this medical clinic. If you have doubts, please see your GP.

  • You should not have treatments if you are pregnant, planning to be, may be, or breast feeding.
  • If you have any other major Medical or Health issues, please inform us so that we can take this into consideration.
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